Ebonhall Brothers

Blasphemy and Judgment

As things went crazy in the marketplace of Uruz, we hid in the shop of Lugh and waited. A secret door opened, revealing a dwarf who claimed to have been sent to rescue us. Sent by his superiors – the dragons of Clan Morueme. We followed his lead and escaped the tumult.

Once free, he provided information about the city and what was happening. We had – again – unwittingly set things in motion. But this time, we felt we could do something about it, so we returned to the city to free Bethor Ruby-Eye and his people.

We were told of a foul, blaspheming enemy who wears the beards of living dwarves as her armor. She would be too much for us to face, no matter how the thought of leaving her free rankled, so we set our minds and craft to the rescue of our fellow dwarves. Through long forgotten tunnels and doors, we entered the black market that thrives beneath the halls of Uruz above. Sneaking as quietly as we could – which isn’t much, thanks to Anvil – we made our way to the prison cells to release the leaders of Uruz from their captivity.

We managed to release Bethor and, in the doing of it, alerted the blasphemous bitch of our presence. We fought her and her foul mental attacks. It was a very near thing, and we all suffered much. I lost my nose and was blinded, for Moradin’s sake. I’m proud to say I still managed to get in a few good licks on her, despite that. Thankfully, Anvil and Bravil were able to lay her low. Then, with Kaga-Thura, blessed blade of the Ebonhall Clan, I cut off her head. At her death, her spells were broken, and all the dwarves who had been under her dominion were of sound mind again.

We returned the Ruby-Eye of Dumathuin to Bethor and left him and the people of Uruz to win their city back. In honor of the aid we received, we bade them open trade relations with Clan Morueme and ensure that all were profitable in that exchange. Then we took the evil witch’s benighted armor of stolen power and set off, looking for a way to destroy it.



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