Ebonhall Brothers

Nameless Dungeon, Pt 1

Friday, February 5, 2010

The party traveled from Llorkh to Elvenport, accompanying the merchant brothers with whom we contracted to protect. Prior to leaving, Thorgrim was given the dragonbone staff of Elijahn Wolfsbane. In Elvenport, he sold it to acquire a new spell book (Magnetic Mastery).

Meeting with Elana Silverhair, an ancient elf, Bravil asked her to teach him arcane healing spells. She agreed, in return for us helping to clear the Nameless Dungeon and return it to her people for its original purpose.

We went to the Nameless Dungeon and did as she asked. We got lucky when Bravil was able to type and control The Warden of the Dungeon, learning the rest of the levels secrets before having to face them.

We defeated the Brander and narrowly defeated the Gatekeeper to successfully complete the first part of our quest. Along the way, we also rescued Yahtzee, a half-snake/half-human creature, from the depths of the dungeon. We also liberated several casks of ancient elven wine and, upon defeating The Brander in battle, a treasure hoard totaling 2000 pieces.



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