Ebonhall Brothers

The Grandeur of Uruz and Something We've Seen Before

Uruz, the City of Granite – never before have we seen its like. Surely this is what all Dwarven cities were like at one time: massive, elegant, beautifully carved, and prosperous. Alas, such things are now just dreams and ambitions instead of hard realities, but we work to return our people to the glories of the past, and such things will once again become ordinary to us.

When first we entered the city, I went to the temple of Moradin to pay my respects and to seek out his blessing, having had my faith somewhat shaken after my encounter with Schmee OneEye, worshipper of the despicable Gruumsh. There, I met the Mayor of this wondrous city, a most pious and blessed leader. Moved by his piety and devotion to Moradin, I offered him up an ancient treasure of his people, one of the twin throwing axes of Kormanthor, a weapon that has served me well since we discovered it. Thrilled beyond measure at the return of this precious heirloom to his clan, he invited us to stay at his Mayoral home, which we were glad to do.

Of the other people, forges, and shops of Uruz, there is, no doubt, much to tell, but I shall focus on the mercantile of Lugh Forgesmith, for it is there we found The Shield of the Mountain Bull. Such beautiful craftsmanship! Anvil must needs have this shield, for it is offensive as much as defensive, and he could do much with it. Given its magnificence, its value was far beyond what we could afford with the coin we had, but we had carried several rare and precious gems for many months, and we were hopeful that selling them to a gem-cutter who knew his craft might improve our situation.

Little did we know the true value of these gems! Bethor RubyEye paid us much and more, enough to purchase the shield. Anvil fairly itches now to go into battle!

During this time, Bravil had business of his own to attend – he met with a half-orc merchant outside of town and made a deal with him to deliver that accursed poison staff we liberated when we reclaimed the Silveraxe Hall as the new Grimbranvil Mine. Now two very powerful spell books the richer, we are able to be rid of the treacherous staff and we hold great magics in our hands.

I sought out the High Priest of Dumathuin, hopeful to learn the nature of the mysterious mark I received upon my person in the tombs of our ancestors. The priest claimed no knowledge of the mark, but I was certain he was lying. He offered to bestow the blessing of Dumathuin on me, but I trusted him not, so I made excuse and left.

A short while later, this same priest was overheard in the Mayor’s mansion, warning him to keep vigil on the Ebonhall brothers and to usher us out of the city quickly. Already suspicious, we began to investigate the priest and his activities.

Bolfast Tor still in our minds, we undertook this mission with a heavy heart, but our discoveries were enough to breed suspicion in the most trusting of minds. Hidden passages being dug where they ought not, accursed mental spells woven into the mayor’s crown, the excommunication of Bethor RubyEye, former high priest – these things indicated treachery and betrayal.

After learning more from Bethor and convincing him to take up his place once more, to fashion for himself a new eye to focus the spirit of Dumathuin, we managed – barely – to retrieve the original Ruby Eye of Dumathuin from the temple. This has caused tremendous uproar in the city, and we are now hiding, waiting for the moment to strike.



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