Anvil Ebonhall

Extremely large muscled male dwarf of Clan Ebonhall


The true origins of Anvil are not known. He is considered an Ebonhall just as much as all the other kin. While out exploring some passageways near the halls of their home, the Ebonhalls came across a strange young dwarf standing silently over the bodies of 5 young duergar (dark dwarves). While heavily scarred and excessively massive, this dwarf had no visible wounds and no signs of battle were evident. The only evidence of any struggle was the broken necks and backs of the duergar. The most intriguing question was why the duergar’s weapons were stacked neatly to the side. To this day Anvil has never spoken of the events that transpired.

The Ebonhalls, despite the nature of the dwarves, were curious as to the events that transpired so close to their halls. They brought the unusually large dwarf home and began to ask of his origin. Anvil would not speak of it. Not even a name was given. He spoke of nothing except the home of the Ebonhalls. He was excessively happy for a dwarf while there and the dwarves were impressed with the physical capabilities of one so large. After he had wrestled a gem from an experienced smiths hands only to gaze at its beauty, the ensuing wrestling match was a wonder to see. This great smith was only able to get his gem back after hitting him with an anvil numerous times. When Anvil awoke, he acted as though nothing had ever occurred. Thus his name.

The dwarves all saw Anvil as a big dwarf with no natural ability or understanding of what it means to be a dwarf. He held no skills that were valuable other than reaching tall objects and moving heavy ones. That was the skill of this Dwarf. So they thought, until one day one of his “brothers” followed him to his personal space in the corner of the hall where no one ever ventured. The dwarf was surprised to find a detailed map carved into the stone of the hall and all the surrounding areas. Detailed to the extent that he had set all dimensions accurately even in places he hadn’t apparently been. For fear of the other dwarves being leary of his unknown talent and origin, his “brothers” told no one of this ability.

Anvil has changed in the last year. He has grown increasingly vocal to the extent that the brothers have problems keeping him quiet. Many days they wish he would revert back to his pensive nature. He is now considered the entertainment of the dwarves. He tells original jokes and stories after consuming copious amounts of mead. He never tells the same joke or stories. All of the stories have an air of familiarity which makes them so entertaining.

Anvil also has the tendency to go missing for days or sometimes weeks at a time. This has been explained by his brothers that he goes out by himself to hunt. He never takes provisions and always comes back exhausted. His brothers tried to follow him once but were unable to keep pace with the monstrous dwarf.

Anvil Ebonhall

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