We are the Ebonhall brothers: Thorgrim, Bravil, and Anvil. Our clan has been rebuilding in the Greypeaks – in numbers, influence, and strength – for several centuries as part of the overall Greywander community of dwarves. We have done much, but our position remains precarious.

We brothers, two of us by blood and one by adoption, routed an evil worshipper of Talona named Catharandamus and his band of kobolds who had laid claim to Silveraxe Hall, a Dwarven stronghold of old, (later renamed the Grimbranvil mines in honor of the Ebonhall brothers) and reclaimed it for our clan. In so doing, we freed a powerful green dragon from the Cult of the Dragon (saving him from being turned into a lich). With his aid, we destroyed the Duergar city of Sturlgorra far beneath the mine, protecting the mine from potential attacks from below.

On discovering a goblin plot to attack the clanhold of the Ebonhalls, cutting off our water supply and laying siege to our fortress, we destroyed the goblin dam and slew many goblins, encountering one Morgho the Adjudicator, who managed to escape.

We have thwarted a Zhentarim attempt to destroy the Shining Falls, fighting a great battle with Krynn Dralken, Elijahn Halfbane, and some of their soldiers, defeating them all. At the Shining Falls, we discovered a secret way down to ancient halls of Amarindar, home of our forefathers.

Shortly thereafter, we upheld the honor of our family in the annual Ebonhall Games, placing highly in both individual and group events.

After a tragic massacre of the Stonehelm dwarves, a clan newly joined to the Greywanderer community, we found ourselves judged by our peers. We appealed to the gods, and Moradin sent Thautam to us, sending us on a Mordinsquest to prove our innocence. Taking up this quest, we left Ebonhall and the safety of our clan, seeking to serve our clan from afar.

After departing from our clanhold, we hired into the service of the dwarves Elmrim and Thimrim along with their cousin Halfdrim and the bard Arturius Fivestrings, agreeing to guard their trading caravan on the journey north to Uruz, the City of Granite. Halfway there, we stopped in Elvenport, the small elven trading settlement on the Delimbyr River at the edge of the High Forest. While there, we agreed to assist Elana Silverhair in putting to rest the denizens of Nar Kerymhoarth, also known as the Sleeping Citadel and the Nameless Dungeon. We conquered the Sleepless Guardians of level one of the Nameless Dungeon, defeating the Warden, the Brander, and the Gatekeeper, freeing Yahtzee the yuan-ti from his unfortunate trapped state, and securing some riches and ancient elven wine in the process. All in a day’s work for us dwarves.

Next, we press on to Uruz, the city of Granite, and beyond.

Ebonhall Brothers

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